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Grocery stores that accept expired coupons

grocery stores that accept expired coupons

a long way in getting coupons honored. They will match the price of a competitor's local print ad and select online competitors. Also tell them what is in the envelope an ask them to ship them the cheapest way. A Trevino Reply Was this helpful? Yes coupons FOR military families Reply Was this helpful? Can you send me the address so I can send the coupons. Bed Bath Beyond : You can use a competitor's coupon, or you can match the competitor's price, but you can't combine the two. By Terri from NV, comment.

If the backs have no print on them, they get cut up for scratch paper to jot quick notes to myself or to my hubby. Jo-Ann : Will match prices from ads by competitors.

grocery stores that accept expired coupons

Giant: Accepts competitors' coupons, but does not accept coupons for club stores, like Sam's, BJ's and Costco.
They also do not take manufacturer's coupons that say they're only redeemable at a specific store.
The cashier told me she couldn't accept my coupon because it expired 4 years ago.
I demanded to see a manager and she told me the same thing.
Your local newspaper often has advertising inserts from grocery stores.

Grocery Stores that Accept Competitors' Coupons. I also have an address of a contact in the US who forwards coupons to them. This is one of the most rewarding project I have ever done. I also use those pesky sales ads that come in my newspaper or junk mail. Your post office will show you how to fill it out it very easy an short form. Hope to get alot more coupons going to our military families an yes they can use them up to 6 months after they expire. Bi-Lo : The policy generally restricts competitors' coupons to one per like item, one per day per customer. Also on the front of the envelope at the bottom on the left hand side put "coupons for military families" also you need to fill out a green short form from the post office.

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