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fell dramatically in the mid-1990s as network and cable offerings expanded in the wake of Johnny Carson 's retirement. Martin, and Bettina Fabos. Syndicated radio is not as popular in other parts of the world.

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"Sounds and Images." Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication. In the fall of 1990, Disney added another hour to The Disney Afternoon ; the block continued in syndication, running additional first-run animated series until 1999. For the 1985-86 season, Tom Kennedy hosted a daily syndicated version, and in 1994-95, Doug Davidson emceed his own daily syndicated version, titled The New Price Is Right. 17 :9192 It is common for long-running series to have early seasons syndicated while the series itself is still in first-run network production. Talk syndication tends to be more prevalent because voice tracking, a practice used by many music stations to have disc jockeys host multiple supposedly local shows at once, is not feasible with live talk radio. International syndication edit Syndication also applies to international markets. And Canadian stations aired the programs. The older Bugs Bunny and Popeye cartoons made way for first-run syndicated cartoons such as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Inspector Gadget, Heathcliff, ThunderCats, My Little Pony, The Transformers,.I. In recent years, there has been something of a trend toward showing two consecutive episodes of a program on Saturday and Sunday nights after prime time (generally following the local news). Some examples of widely syndicated commercial broadcasting music programs include weekly countdowns like Rick Dees ' Weekly Top 40, the American Top 40, American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks, Canada's Top 20 Countdown, the Canadian Hit 30 Countdown and the nightly program, Delilah, heard. The system is used for live programming or preproduced programs and include a mixture of ad time sold by the program producer as well as time set aside for the radio station to sell.

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