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How to make your own love coupons

how to make your own love coupons

own notepad, right?! Select your cover. Try to make your love coupon book a mix of fun little things like ice cream or kisses, romantic experiences, maybe some kind of massage, and sex coupons are always popular. For example, say your boyfriend or girlfriend loves back massages - give them a "Good for 1 Back Massage" coupon and when they want one next they can just cash it juut salon roseville hours in!

You can find the cover by clicking here. You can find it here. Using it with a paintbrush, paint along the top side of the notepad.

We have a page of love coupon ideas that's a handy resource for ideas you might not have thought of or to help inspire ones of your own. When you click 'Preview it will open your love coupon in a new window so that you can print your love coupons. Let it dry before each layer is added and at the end you have a perfect little notepad. I printed 10 coupon sheets and 1 cover sheet. Personalize your characters. Today, I will add the cover. Simply select a background for your love coupon, then select the text that you would like to use. I made 2 of these in less than 15 minutes, so it is perfect for teachers (to use at school as a project fun to do with your kids, and of course, fun to whip some up yourself! Make sure the top edge are all even and clip the book like this: Mod Podge is our magic ingredient today.